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Dear Mark

Kris Mattern

"A few years ago, my husband and I watched Food Inc. - a documentary about the

commercial food industry and the FDA. It was incredibly disturbing. After watching

that film, I started researching food and began an important mission to improve the

quality of living for my family. I read about the benefits of grass-fed beef and

free-range chicken. I started making an effort to seek out local farmers who could

offer the highest quality, all-natural meats, without the use of antibiotics and

growth hormones. That's when I found Golden Rule Meats.


Mark is at our weekly farmers' market at the City Market in downtown Kansas City

every Saturday. Not only can we feel good about the food we're buying, Mark is

always so pleasant and wonderful to do business with. He always remembers us, and we

feel like he's an essential part of our family. I know that when we buy food from

him, we're going to be pleased with the results. The meats are always fresh-sealed

and delicious.


Now that we've been buying our meat from Golden Rule Meats for a number of years, I

hate the thought of buying any meat at the regular grocery store. We are so grateful

that there are local farmers who take so much pride in the quality of the food they

provide to others. Golden Rule Meats has the perfect name because they do follow the

golden rule - quality first. Thank you for helping us keep our family healthy!"

Kris Mattern

KansasCity Mo.

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