Most of the meat my family eats comes from Golden Rule Meats. The quality of the meat is fantastic. In addition, Mark Curtis is a pleasure to do business with. I've had bulk and special orders many times and they are always handled promptly and professionally.

Thanks for all you do,

-Lora Murphy.

"I'm a Registered Dietitian in the Kansas City area and I work with many patients that are on anti-inflammatory diets, Paleo diets and overall looking for wellness rather than medicine. I refer as many of my patients to Golden Rule Meats as I can. Grass-fed meats are more nutritious, healthier and better for the environment and sustainable production. When my patients come back and see me and say they met Mark at the City Market and they love his products, I know I've helped someone on the path to a better, healthier lifestyle. I hope you guys are around for many years to come!--Sarah Lewis"


We love Mark of Golden Rule Meats and everything that he offers!  Grocery store grain-fed beef used to make us feel groggy and terrible, and now that we've been eating this grass-fed beef for a year the difference is incredible.  This is the way food is supposed to be raised....with time, care, knowledge and consideration for the health of the people, animals and land.  Knowing WHO raised our food and HOW it was raised is a comfort that is hard to come by.  As a mom and wife one of my main concerns is the health of my family.  I'm confident that I'm feeding my family the most healthy, nutritious meats when I buy them from Mark and we've been pleased with the consistent quality and amazing flavor.  My taste buds are ruined for anything less! 

We also take it as a good sign that when you see Mark and talk to him, he's genuinely happy to see you and always smiling.  He's personable and kind, and it has little to do with "sales"...whether you buy a $3 package of liver or half a cow...he's genuinely pleased to serve you!  That's says that he loves what he does and feels good about his products, a rare thing these days!  A few of our favorites are the uncured smoked bacon, chuck roasts and of course, steaks!  You know it's good meat when even the LIVER is sold out! 

Tim & Kim Walter family


We absolutely LOVE going to the farmers market to buy meat. It's very important to us to buy  direct from the source Argentine style grass fed beef. This super nutrient dense beef is so tender delicious at such an unbeatable  price. Once you have had the pleasure of making Golden Rule Meats your primary source for protein nothing else compares!

I hope our testimonial draws others in to support your wonderful farm!

Warmest Regards,