Pork & Chicken

All Natural Pork & Chicken

Introduce a variety of quality meats to your menu by purchasing all natural pork and chicken from Golden Rule Meats of Walker, Missouri. We supply you with the high-grade meats you need for superior quality meals. Contact us for more details.


Our pork is raised in confinement but with maximum square footage per pig. Foggers are used to maintain a comfortable temperature, as well as a corn and soybean diet that is free of antibiotics, growth promotants, and animal byproducts.
all natural chicken
The processing is done at a USDA-inspected facility in Lockwood, Missouri. All curing is nitrite free and creates an exceptional flavor for our juicy, tender meat.
We can't seem to keep enough bacon, and Lockwood Packing Plant prepares our popular brats, which are a local favorite at The City Market in downtown Kansas City; they also love our bone-in and butterfly pork chops.


Our chicken is a Cornish cross that's only seven weeks of age at slaughter. The chickens are pasture-raised and rotated into different paddocks every two to three days. They are fed a grain diet that is free of all antibiotics, growth promotants, and animal byproducts. Each chicken ranges from 4.5–5.5 pounds in weight. The cuts are packaged with two breasts, six thighs, eight wings, and eight legs per package. Custom packages are available upon request.
Call or email us to obtain more information about our all natural chicken and pork.
Golden Rule Meats
*All Natural Pork*
----Price Sheet----
Tenderloin                        $7.00
Pork Shoulder Steak       $6.00
Pork Roast                       $6.00
Ham Steaks Fresh         $5.00
Ham Steaks Cured        $5.35
Hams                               $5.00
Regular Brats                 $6.50
Apple Brats                    $7.00
Jalapeno & Cheese Brats       $7.00
Cheese Brats                  $7.00
Neckbones    $2.00 On Sale for $1.00/lb
Spare Ribs $5.00 On Sale for $3.00/lb
Baby back Ribs       $6.00
Bacon                          $7.60
Hillbilly Bacon           $7.10
Cured Pork Jowl     $5.35
Fresh side Sliced  $7.00
Fresh side Whole    $6.75
Sausage                $4.75
Ground Pork         $4.50
Italian Sausage    $4.75
Smoked Sausage $7.00
Loin Roast           $7.00
Pork Cutlets         $6.00
Ham hocks          $4.00
Pork Liver $2.00/lb On Sale for $1.00/lb
Golden Rule Meats
*All Natural Chicken*
----Price Sheet----
Breast $6.80/lb
Thighs $3.50/lb
Legs $2.25/lb
Wings $3.25/lb
*Whole Chicken*
**Plus Shipping and Handling**
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