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Argentine-Style Grass Fed Beef from Walker, Missouri

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Experience steaks and burgers like never before by purchasing Argentine-style, grass-fed beef from Golden Rule Meats of Walker, Missouri. We use quality genetics and grazing practices to raise Angus™ cattle that have the unique ability to marble on forage alone, reaching their full potential naturally while developing a robust beef flavor.

Better Genetics for Better Meat

Over the years, we've carefully culled our herd, only selecting certain genetic lines that are early maturing, easy fleshing, and have good growth traits and carcass characteristics. Multiple meat judges have looked at our steaks and determined that our superior marbling, for a grass fed animal, creates steaks that will grade high choice. We only sell quality meats and aim to continue producing grass fed beef that is superior in quality.

Natural Grazing

The Argentine-style of grazing is a unique blend of annual forages that are planted to produce a prolonged grazing period that will allow cattle to finish properly. Then, the cattle are butchered and allowed to dry age 21 days, resulting in grass fed beef that is tender and juicy, with a robust flavor.

Grazing Systems

In addition to managing our own cattle, our owner puts his Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from Missouri State University™ to good use by designing grazing systems for area farmers. He shows them how to rotate their cattle in paddocks, promoting increased forage diversity, quality, and overall plant health.
Contact us to receive more information about our Argentine-style, grass-fed beef before placing an order.
Golden Rule Meats
*All Natural Argentine Style Grass Fed Beef*
  ----Bulk Order Price Sheet----   
Generic Quarters:

100 lbs @ $7.00/lb   
This includes the following:  
Sirloin 6 lbs
KC Strip 5 lbs
Ribeyes 7 lbs
Filets 2 lbs
Minute Steak 9 lbs

Your choice 21 lbs
Hamburger 46 lbs
Liver 2.2 lbs
Beef Stew 1.8 lbs
Quarters: $4.60/lb x hanging weight    
Halves: $4.30/lb x hanging weight
Whole: $4.00/lb x hanging weight
****Plus Shipping and Handling

Golden Rule Meats
*All Natural Argentine Style Grass Fed Beef*
----Price Sheet----

Filet Mignon $20.00/lb
KC Strips $16.00/lb

Strip Loin (Cut your own KC Strips) $13.00/lb.
T-Bones $14.00/lb
Ribeye $16.00/lb

Rib Roast Boneless (Prime Rib or Ribeyes) $13.00/lb.
Porterhouse $ 17.50/lb
Sirloin $ 12.90/lb
Minute $ 7.50/lb
Flank $ 10.90/lb
Flat Iron $ 10.55/lb
Sirloin Tip $8.00/lb
Skirt $ 10.90/lb
Arm $7.10/lb
Chuck $7.80/lb    
Rump $7.80/lb
Pikes Peak $7.10/lb
Sirloin Tip $7.80/lb
Back Ribs $4.50/lb
Ground Beef 80% - 1 lb packages $6.00
Ground Chuck 85% - 1 lb packages $6.50
Ground Round 90% - 1 lb packages $7.00    
Stew Meat $7.50/lb
Oxtail $7.80/lb
Tongue $4.00/lb
Liver $4.00/lb
Heart $4.00/lb    
****** Plus Shipping and Handling
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